The Official User Group of Rootstock Manufacturing ERP

The Root Group is a place for collaboration, where we can share our experiences and we can help each other better utilize the Rootstock platform.

The Root Group

The Root Group has opened up new avenues for our team to learn from other customers.”

Chad Wright, Boston Dynamics

I look forward to improving my Rootstock skills by collaborating with peers.”

Jen Beauregard, Nano Magic

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Rootstock User Group

Meet the Advisory Board

The advisory board of the Root Group consists entirely of volunteers, devoted to delivering the customer’s voice to Rootstock and its developers by shepherding in new innovations and product ideas.

Scott Schwab


Andrew Russo

Salesforce Architect

Stacey Wiley

Salesforce Solution Architect

Ryan Petrey

Chief Financial Officer

Chad Wright

Chief Information Officer

Jen Beauregard

System Administrator

Mike Wind


Ohad Idan

Founder and CEO

Julie Leonhard

Chief Financial Officer

Nick Turner

Operations Manager

Our Mission

The Root Group is a customer-driven
group, with our main objective being customers helping customers.

The Root Group is a place for collaboration, where we can share our experiences with the Rootstock product: the good, the bad, our hardships, and our customer-created solutions. Together, we can help each other better manage and utilize the Rootstock platform.

Request to Join

The Root Group is open to any customers, Rootstock vendors, or partners of the Rootstock ERP platform.

Request a Meeting

Want to talk Financial Analytics? Need some advice on dimensions? Have questions about MRP?
Let us set up a 30-minute meeting between you and another Rootstock customer. Be as detailed as possible in area of interest field, so you can make the most of your 30-minute meeting.


How much does membership cost?

Joining is free. We just ask that you’re engaged. The Root Group is here so that customers can help customers. This means not only voicing the problems and concerns you may have with the Rootstock platform, but also helping other customers where and when you can.

Am I able to request a meeting with another Rootstock user even if I’m not a member of the Root Group?

Yes! While potential customers of Rootstock are not eligible to become members of the Root Group we are still happy to help with any Rootstock-related questions you may have.

How often does the group meet? Where does the group meet?

The group hosts a virtual meeting every quarter, and will meet in person at Rootstock’s annual conference. Check our calendar (coming soon) for more details.

Who makes up the Root Group advisory board?

Our board consists of thirteen members, all active Rootstock customers, one Rootstock liaison, and one partner liaison.

I’m interested in serving on the advisor’s board. How can I apply?

If you’re interested in serving on the advisory board, please send an email to explaining your experience with Rootstock and why you’re interested. Someone will then reach out to you with next steps.

I’m not interested in serving on the advisor’s board, but I am interested in helping. Are there other things I can do?

The Root Group is a collaboration group: customer’s helping customers. While we ask all our members to be engaged and help when and where they can, we always appreciate members who want to go above and beyond. Perhaps you’d like to help other Rootstock customers who have requested a meeting to talk through some of their problems and/or questions with specific areas of Rootstock. Or maybe you’re interested in hosting a customer-led session at the next Rootstock convention. Reach out to the advisory board via with details on what you’re interested in helping with, and we’ll be happy to help get you started.